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You want to join a team & company that lives and breathes personal growth? You want to work somewhere where you can grow your career, but also your skills and yourself?
While contributing to make an impact in the live & business of our clients?

The Consistent Performance Vision

Transforming men into strong business leaders and help them unlock their full potential in every area of their life.

Our vision is that business leaders & entrepreneurs are role models for young people and future generations that inspire them to live life full of healthy habits and strive for success in every area of their life.

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Our values

We are a young & dynamic coaching business. Every job position we fill is crucial. The following values describe who we are and who we look for.

1. Highest Standards 💎

Excellent client experience and results are the most important thing & our ultimate purpose. Therefore everything we do is driven by the highest standards of excellence, quality and professionalism.

We are reliable and keep our word and commitments. We go the extra mile for our customers.
This will ensure that we attract even more high level clients and have long-term growth and success, making an impact in the life and business of our clients.

2. Full Ownership 🔱

Every one of us takes on the responsibility for an important function inside the business. And therefore the responsibility & ownership of the outcome of not only that role & function but everything that you do.

We never blame or look for excuses. We always leave the ego behind, start with ourselves first, hold ourselves accountable, own any mistakes or challenges and communicate them directly, honestly & clearly.

We proactively review what went wrong and why, then take immediate corrective action and document an improved process to avoid the same mistake from happening again.

3. Constant Improvement 📈

Personal growth and constant improvement are part of our identity.

Everybody that’s part of our team is naturally excited about that.

We are self-motivated and hungry to become better in all areas, both professional and personal. We constantly improve our skills and knowledge. Our clients deserve and expect this from us.

Since we have a growth mindset, there are no failures or problems for us. Only challenges, feedback & opportunities to consistently improve our SOPs, systems, skills and behaviours.

That’s why we love to receive and give constructive and direct feedback on where we can improve and grow.

4. Efficiency ⚙️

We are efficient, clear, brief and direct in our communication. We get straight to the point, because respecting each others time is very important to us.

We mainly use asynchronous forms of communication and collaboration to save time and stay focused.

We constantly work on improving our efficiency and effectiveness through better SOPs, systems, automations, expectations & communication.

5. We Practice What We Preach 🦸🏼‍♂️

We are implementing and doing what we teach in our Consistent Performance program ourselves. We lead by example. We represent the company, its values and teachings by doing all of it ourselves.

This means we constantly strive to improve our own discipline, habits and consistency while working, but also in everything we do outside of work.

We improve our focus, productivity, time management, but also take time off outside of work to recharge, read books & learn, eat great food, work out regularly and make sure we have great sleep, so that we come back recharged, full of energy and motivation for the next day.

6. Positive Attitude 🚀

Every single one of us and therefore the whole team radiates positive energy.

We work hard, always give our best and make things happen but at the same time are upbeat, excited, and positive.

We have fun, love humour, and have a positive attitude and outlook on the future.

We are encouraging, empowering, and uplifting to each one of us, celebrate wins, and praise each other for doing a good job and living in line with our values.

About Kilian Markert

Kilian Markert is owner & founder of Consistent Performance Mentoring.

In the last 4+ years, he's worked closely with over 100 high-achieving entrepreneurs, ranging from 6 & 7-figure agency owners & consultants, to 7 & 8 figure ecom owners.

His mission with Consistent Performance is to create disciplined & consistent leaders that achieve & maintain success in business AND all other areas of life.

The success formula: Focusing on consistency and sustainable changes in your habits and daily performance while aligning them at a deep level with your ideal identity, so that you can transform into the best possible leader for your team, loved ones and yourself - and have the biggest impact.

Benefits & Perks at CP


Our Positions

For our team we are constantly looking for talented people who want to grow and join our team. If you have big goals and love to level up your skills and yourself, then apply:

Appointment Setter / Sales Assistant - (full-time) - Remote
Client Success Coach - (full time) - Remote
Accountability Coach - (full time) - Remote
Mindset Coach - (full or part time) - Remote
Copywriter & Content Manager (full-time) - Remote

Further Roles We Look For:

📽️ Video editor & Graphic Designer
⚙️ Operations Manager
🦸‍♂️ Executive Assistant
All our positions are remote.

Send us an email to if you are interested in any of the Further Roles.
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Just send us an email with what you can bring to the table here:
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This is how the application process works


Step 1
Fill out the short application form linked to each position. Or send an initiative application via email telling us more about you for other positions.
Step 2
We will contact you to get to know you and learn more about you and you about us.
Step 3
If it suits both sides, there is a final interview and a contract will be made for you to join us as a team member.
Step 1
Click on one of the buttons and make an appointment with Kilian Markert via Calendly.
Step 2
Together we will talk about your current situation & challenges and come up with a growth plan to hit your goals.
Step 3
If we're a good fit for working together, we discuss the details and next steps.


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